About Us

About Us

Hi, and welcome to a device protection company that makes a pain in the ass less pain in the ass-ey. You’ll find no small print. No asterisks. No hassles in sight. What you will find is a simple way to protect and get reimbursed for what matters most to you.

Our Story

Bounce was created like a lot of great products, based upon a hugely frustrating event!  Product creator Scott Walker, while in New York on business, jostling with the crowds on a busy Manhattan street, felt his cell phone ringing. After a few excruciating seconds of fumbling to get it out of his pocket, it fell—slow motion-style—to the concrete. A long crack now divided the once-perfect screen. After making several failed attempts to get his phone repaired and covered through his existing mobile insurance he gave up. The only way for him to fix the break was to mail it back, not very helpful for someone travelling in New York. Instead, he created Bounce.

Bounce Screen Protection, an OnPoint Warranty product, ensures every consumer’s screen is protected against life's unexpected moments. With no hidden fees or deductibles, Bounce offers consumers personalized annual screen protection plans, covering up to two repairs per year. Bounce offers the flexibility to choose any repair shop in the world, and a hassle free, digital, claims filing and reimbursement process.

Bounce enables consumers to live fearlessly.

 Bounce was acquired by OnPoint Warranty in 2021.

About OnPoint Warranty

OnPoint Warranty was launched in 2018 by insuretech, mobile and warranty service veterans with 65+ years of experience in the retail, manufacturing, mobile, home warranty and HVAC verticals. We connect brands to their customers through insuretech solutions, as well as dynamic mobile and warranty service products, designed to reduce risk, increase efficiency, delight consumers, and improve our clients’ bottom lines.

In addition to helping consumers protect their new, refurbished or existing phones from screen damage, Bounce Mobile Solutions enables retailers and resellers, affiliates, MVNOs and carriers to offer warranty protection on new, refurbished and existing devices to consumers who opt out of carrier warranty protection at the point of sale, or simply age out carrier warranty plans.

Bounce Mobile Solutions offers a suite of warranty products and bundled services including traditional warranty repair; ADH damage protection; screen breakage protection; bundled white-labeled services including device procurement, financing, airtime, warranty protection (repair + ADH) and trade-in administration; and whole home electronics plans which offer personalized warranty repair protection for all electronics, computing, mobile and smart products in residential locations.

OnPoint’s Bounce Mobile Solutions enable resellers to expand warranty protection coverage to new, refurbished and existing devices, while enhancing protection with extended warrant repair, ADH and other bundled services which add value to mobile devices and increase revenue.

For more information check out: https://www.onpointwarranty.com/bounce-mobile-solutions

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