Protect what matters most.

It’s not too good to be true.

Most Canadians are overpaying for mobile device protection options they’ll likely never use. Phone screen damage is the most common type of damage. 72% of people have broken their phone screens at some point and unfortunately they’re likely to break it again. Our mission is to strip down these plan options to cover what matters most, your phone screen. Making it okay to drop it like it's hot.

Our price vs traditional carriers

We sell direct to you, so the cost of coverage isn't marked up 3x

Cutting out the middleman.

Bounce's phone protection plan cuts out the retailer, which gives you more flexibility when it comes to getting your phone fixed—and makes sure that you get stellar customer service from us without having to deal with other third-party insurance providers.

Screen damage, the most common claim.

Today’s smartphones have all-glass designs that look sleek but aren’t reliable when it comes to everyday drops, making them more fragile and expensive to repair. Out of warranty repairs for an iPhone range from $169 (iPhone 6) to $429 (iPhone XS Max).

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