Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is Bounce? Why have I never heard of it before?

Bounce is a brand new phone insurance company that covers your phone screen against breaks. When you purchase a Bounce policy, the next time you break your phone screen and get it repaired, Bounce will cover the cost. Bounce operates under a company called C Walker Inc which is a Canadian, family- owned insurance company that has been in business for over 50 years. This is our first direct-to-consumer protection product.

2. Why is the price so low, seems too good to be true?

There are two ways how we keep the price of our plan so low. Bounce covers the cost of repair for phone screen only. By removing a lot of standard “fluff” / mobile plan options you typically pay for but never use, we are able to keep the price low. We sell directly to you online, removing the middleman and mark-ups along the way. Since you're just dealing with us, not only can we ensure that the service you're getting is A+, we can also minimize the cost!

3. Where can I get my phone repaired?

Any licensed repair shop across the globe! Who knows when and where your next break will happen? You can find out more about why we have a fix it anywhere policy here.

4. Why is Bounce different?

Bounce costs up to 80% less than other programs. Bounce is specifically designed to cover the cost of repairing your screen. Bounce doesn't charge you a deductible and covers new and used phones. Plus, you can choose where to get your phone repaired—no more waiting days or weeks to get your phone back up and running again.

5. How does it work?

It’s easy: Sign up at getbounce.ca If you break your phone's screen, take it to any repair shop. Upload your repair receipt under “File a Claim” section in your Account. We'll reimburse you within 24 hours. That's it!

6. What if my phone's screen is already broken? Can Bounce fix it?

Sorry, your phone can't already be broken when you sign up.

7. What's covered?

Bounce covers up to two (2) screen replacements for your phone during the coverage period. The maximum amount covered per replacement varies by plan. Prime coverage is up to $150, Premium coverage is up to $250 and the Elite covers up to $500.

8. When does coverage begin and how long is my phone covered?

You coverage begins once you activate your plan by creating a Bounce account and downloading the Bounce app. After that, you can drop your phone worry free for a full year from the date of purchase.

how to use the app

Once you purchase a plan you will be prompted to create an account and enter name for your policy. Next, you will get an email to download the Bounce app and run diagnostics on your phone screen. In less fancy terms, this app tests if your phone screen is working properly. If so, your coverage begins instantly!

9. What is an IMEI and why are you asking for it?

IMEI stands for International Mobile Equipment Identity. It’s a unique identification number associated with your phone. It’s how we make sure we are covering the right phone.

10. Can I buy coverage for mechanical defects and water damage?

Not yet! We want to keep the plan very focused on what is prone to break, your phone screen. Fun fact! 85% of mobile insurance claims are for phone screen damage.

11. What if I already have a warranty through my provider or retailer?

Protection plans from your carrier are cancellable. Just contact them directly and they'll remove the charge from your monthly bill.

12. Do I need to have a copy of the original receipt for my phone?

Nope, Bounce covers both new and used devices.

13. How much does it cost and how long am I covered?

Plans start as low as $49 (compared with AppleCare at $250 and the carrier programs at over $350). Coverage plans are for one year from the date of purchase.

14. How will I get my contract?

After you sign up, create a Bounce account and run the Bounce diagnostics app.

15. Is there a deductible?

Nope. None. Nada. It’s not necessary — and why charge you more than we have to?

16. How do I get refunded?

If your phone screen breaks, get it fixed at a repair shop that is convenient. Take a picture of your repair receipt and upload it in My Account under “Claim”. This picture is sent to our claims team who will review the repair receipt (looking for a matching IMEI). Once approved you will receive your refund in 24 hours.

17. Is Bounce transferable?

Yes. If you choose to sell or give away your phone, you can also transfer the ownership of the Bounce Plan.

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